Curbside Service Only

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What is curbside veterinary care?

We have restructured our practice to avoid the need for clients to enter the lobby and exam rooms. This is designed to promote physical (social) distancing and reduce the spread of COVID-19.

What you can except:

  • When you arrive at your appointment time and please call the office and let us know you have arrived.
  • A member of our staff will come out to your car to retrieve your pet.
  • Your concerns and your pet’s medical history are reviewed. If you bring a written letter for our staff, that would be a big help in conveying detailed information. If you do not bring a written list, the veterinary technician will speak with you briefly at your car or may call you from inside the building for a more in-depth conversation.
  • The veterinarian performs a thorough physical examination on your pet. We ask that you wait in your car during your pet’s visit.
  • The veterinarian or a veterinary technician will call you with an update on your pet’s health and provides an estimate for any recommended services.
  • Diagnostics and treatments are performed as authorized.
  • Your pet will be returned to you and payment is collected.

Curbside care offers a number of benefits for you and your pet. By providing curbside care, we are eliminating the need for you to enter the veterinary practice. Veterinary practices are busy facilities, with many employees and clients entering and exiting the lobby and exam room on a daily basis. Unlike grocery stores and other big-box stores, veterinary offices tend to be small, offering less ventilation than you would experience in a large retailer. A single positive client or employee could potentially trigger a large outbreak of COVID-19 in a busy veterinary practice.

"Curbside care increases the likelihood that your veterinary team
will continue to be available for your pet."